Welcome! BEST is the name of Rose’s school-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports program (PBIS). PBIS programs are implemented in all Escondido Unified School District schools and in many schools across the nation due to their effectiveness in increasing behavioral and academic success. These preventative PBIS programs are school-wide plans used to teach all students positive behavior before problem behaviors occur. 

All teachers and support staff within Rose School teach students (TK-5) universal school rules and procedures. Rose Dolphins focus on the three rules of Safety, Responsibility, and Respect. A universal system is in place for rewarding students for following these rules. Your student might come home and tell you about earning Golden tickets (frequent reward for positive behavior) or a Dolphin blue ticket (low frequency reward for a special behavior that goes above and beyond). Also, a student is recognized monthly by their teacher for exemplifying respectful, responsible, and safe behavior at our school-wide assembly. 

The BEST team is comprised of a representative from each grade level, the principal, and the school social worker. Together we hope to have a SafeResponsible, and Respectful school!

Best Team
Camille Chambers
Meghan Dingle
Christina Harr
Kay Mitchell
Carrie Cox
Melissa Everard
Lizeth Lopez