Lizeth Lopez
- Principal -

Hello Dolphin Families and Community Members,

My name is Lizeth Lopez, the new Principal at Rose Elementary School. I have been delighted to meet all of you these past 5 months. Being part of the Rose family means a lot to me. Rose is a school filled with love, learning, and high expectations to help each individual student reach their highest potential.

Rose teachers and staff are passionately devoted to the success of each student, and work collaboratively to achieve rigorous learning goals each and every day. Students meet these expectations daily by interacting with others and “growing their brains”, in and out of the classroom. Teachers are celebrated for their deliberate and strategic decisions in embedding collaborative structures throughout all content areas. Students are thinking, learning, coaching, remembering, and creating through meaningful and purposeful academic conversations.

Rose students are also celebrated not only for their learning skills, but for being able to instruct their peers. Students at Rose truly value their education. Our children are always on task and learning new skills. We are truly impressed with their dedication and perseverance. We work as a team to meet each child’s needs.

Rose parents are the most humble, supportive, generous, and dedicated parents with whom I have ever had the pleasure to work.  They work hard to establish great routines at home. Parents also teach our Rose students how to prepare for school by encouraging them to complete their homework daily, arrive at school well dressed and clean, and most importantly, they teach their children to be responsible by arriving at school on time. We are all very proud of our parents for sending the finest and brightest students – our Rose School students - to work and learn with us each and every day.

Remember, learning begins at home and you make the difference, thank you!


Lizeth Lopez